The first thing I need is snow

January 4, 2011 at 9:59 pm (Uncategorized) (, , , )

December turning into January is my favourite time of year.

I love any excuse for black cherry beer with friends in a cosy courtyard where even the cats need sunscreen, or watching the blinking of the Christmas lights wrapped around my neighbour’s palm tree, as I sit at my antique desk sipping coffee and writing.

But mostly, I love the sense of renewal and regeneration this part of the year brings.

When I make a new year’s resolution, my friends tend to exchange uneasy glances and take a step back. Half measures are not my style. I gave up smoking on new year’s eve, and as the countdown began I had two cigarettes in my mouth, furiously inhaling. OK, so they were menthol, but they still count, right? Thirteen years later and not a single curl of smoke has passed my lips since. I gave up meat on new year’s eve, and it took twenty years of gingerly nibbling I Can’t Believe It’s Not Bacon before I reverted to the dark side, and put the tofu down.

It’s been hinted more than once – kindly, gently – that flexibility is something I might like to consider.

So, my plans for 2011? I’m going to send more of my words out into the world, and learn that I don’t always need to spit clean their rosy cheeks, pack them sandwiches, and call them every day to see how they’re doing.

Writing a story is a sublime experience. Submitting it is often nerve-wracking, and my fingers still hesitate when I hit send. Waiting is excruciating, but when that email arrives that says yes, we’d love to publish your story…well, few things in life taste as sweet.

I seem to be starting the year on the right foot. Jersey Devil Press has just accepted a story of mine, ‘The First Thing I’ll Need Is a Goat’, involving Norway, top hats, and yes, a goat. Go on, take a peek.

A new Melbourne literary magazine, 21D, has just published a story of mine in its first issue. To read ‘Scrawling in Snow’, the tale of my encounter with a troll in a fisherman’s sweater in Iceland, you’ll need to purchase a copy but it’s a beautifully produced magazine, and new literary ventures are always a noble thing to support! They’re also looking for submissions for their next issue, on the topic of ‘The Street’, so take a look at their website

Hmmm, there does seem  to be something about cold climates that gets my creativity flowing…you’d never guess I was born in the land of red dirt, crocodiles and coconuts.

So my new year’s resolution is to keep shaking my pen and see what falls out – and to have a straight spine when I send them off into the world.

That, and to eat less cheese.

We’ll see how I go, hey?

Rijn Collins



  1. Jessica Tremp said,

    Wish I had your determination sometimes…

    • inkymouth said,

      Hopefully it’s going to make me hit send, send, send on even more submissions this year. So have either the champagne ready for celebrations, or the whiskey for commiserations…lovely to see you stop by here, Jess.

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