The cross-eyed covens

January 26, 2011 at 2:40 pm (Uncategorized)

I’m currently sitting at my antique writing desk, eating blackberries and humming to Elvis – so a typical afternoon, then – and I can count in my line of vision several red notebooks. One is for my novel, one is for short story ideas, one is for my blog, one is for snatches of inspiration from songs/obsolete words/names of paint colours/phobias/anything that might catch my eye and uncap my pen.

And one is for quotes.

Not the literary gems that writers collect, wonderful though they can be. No, this is for my beautifully verbal friends, and the curious sentences that fall out of their mouths and into the smallest of my red notebooks.


Sometimes, I snatch snippets of conversation from strangers; other times, my friends’ eyes widen at something I say, and they pull out the notebook for me. These are some of the jewels I’ve scribbled over the last two years:

Books shouldn’t bitch slap you – Adrian, talking about reading ‘Bridge to Terabithia’ as a child.

Who’s going to ride the cockroaches now? – me, after reading Gorky and imbibing the odd measure of whiskey.

You’re like an aggressive Jesus – Overheard on tram.

Be quiet now for Daddy…my medicine is just starting to kick in – Overheard in Disneyland.

On the Gold Coast there are no fish who will kill for you – Holly, to my rather bemused Dutch friends in Amsterdam.

God, I hate llamas. I had a run-in with one – fucker took my purse – The incomparable Helen.

With January drawing to a close, I’ve been reviewing some of the ink I spilled into my brand spanking new moleskine of 2011, souvenirs of many a night of joy.

Did you just bite me?-  me   Of course I did, it’s new year’s!  – Gretchen, in response.

Everyone looks good in their knickers in France – Gretchen

I’m not cute – I’m hardcore! Can I say that wearing a floral dress and stroking a deer? – me, in taxidermy heaven

She just sumoed you out of the circle of  love – Adrian

You just can’t lust after someone in Harry Potter – Gretchen

I love that we both come from covens of bitches – Gretchen  (Bemused look from me) You know, all girl families – Gretchen

It’s an act of love, wrapped up in a sheen of hostility – me

If you’re cross-eyed walking out of a man’s joint, that’s totally something special – Gretchen

Winking at the elderly makes sense – Lisa

I knew he wanted to be patted – I could tell by his smile – me

At least if there’s an apocalypse in realestation, we’ll have Lisa’s flat – Jess

If there’s a global disaster, we’ll need a meeting point. How about the Wesley Anne, their dips are amazing! – unknown, due to too much laughter.

So if you’re on a tram in Melbourne and you see a redhead with serpent tattoos and a little red notebook in her hand, tilting her head your way as you chat….you just never know, do you?




  1. Jessica Tremp said,

    you know how much I love these

  2. gretchen cello said,

    Beautiful love, I am on the train with wine and goat’s cheese to accompany our European feast this evening. I wish you could have seen heads turn toward my explosive cackle after grazing across the cross-eyed comment… How could I have forgotten? Total fave. x x

    • inkymouth said,

      Hehe, you are the queen of the January quotes, my love! Although the ones I wrote in my notebook last night took me a good while to decipher 🙂 Thank you again for that amazing Polish feast x x

  3. Michael said,

    I am happy enough to be part of some of these wonderful memories.

    I still look forward to your stories and your novels (and now your blog as well)

    • inkymouth said,

      Ooh, my novels – plural. That just sent a joyous thrill down my spine…and your place in my notebook is well established, believe me!

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