Tales from the #86 tram

November 12, 2011 at 7:07 pm (Uncategorized) (, , )

Sit here! We can make room, da? Where are you from? You don’t look Australian, you look Scottish, that fire in your hair. I’m from Moscow. Russian man in Russian hat, yes? I’m celebrating Muslim festival, I have Indonesian wife.  She’s small girl; so many are big these days, like this one – no offence, darling – and she’s tough as hell. She taught me to sew –  look my stitching, it’s amazing! She speaks Arabic too, her family from Yemen. Ah, all languages are jewels, aga? Sometimes I think, I will never know the Tibetan word for snow, and I get sad. But then I remember wine, and I get happy! My wife is good Muslim, so today we feast for Eid al-Adha. Good food, good people. There are not enough figs in the world! Ah, you getting off? Sit down, sit down, I pull the cord for you. Listen darling, listen careful. If I ever see you in the street, I look after you. You have ten men after you, I send you on the way and I punch them down. I look out for you, yes? You have good handshake for a dushka! And fire in your hair! Poka, dushka! Hello, hello friend, sit here if you want, speak with me…

Flickr: t3rmin4t0r



  1. Leith said,

    All aboard! 🙂

    • inkymouth said,

      I love interactions like this – makes public transport worthwhile!

  2. Michael said,

    Great to read, great to listen.

    You can almost see his smile just by reading it.

    • inkymouth said,

      Thanks Michael! He was such a charming man, it was a shame my tram ride wasn’t longer 🙂

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