Every Good Day Deserves Gingham

April 7, 2012 at 7:44 pm (Uncategorized) (, , , , , )

When I first read the writing theme of New Beginnings, ideas immediately began to fall from my pen. There was the time I quit my three jobs, broke up with my boyfriend, gave away my eighteen year old cat and moved to Brussels to drink coffee in a bowl from my window above the cobblestones, learning Flemish terms of endearment and French curses.

Or maybe the time I first laid eyes on a certain blue eyed cowboy who was to shake my perceptions in several unbearable, unforgettable ways. Perhaps the first time I ever held a book of stories in my open hands with my name in the index, or maybe the wonder of standing at a Culture Club concert in 1984, watching the blue mohawked and tattooed freaks of Melbourne and thinking, You mean we’re allowed to DO that?!

But what eventually came out of my pen was…gingham.

And reindeer.

The resultant story, Every Good Day Deserves Gingham, was accepted by producers at the ABC, and in November I flew to Sydney and recorded it. Tomorrow morning at 10:05 am, it’s being broadcast on Radio National as part of their 360 Documentary series. If that doesn’t suit, it’s also available to download from the website.  A second story, The Secret Things You Know, will be aired later in the year as part of another project.

So if you can, brew a coffee and spend Easter morning around the radio, like in days of old.

Except this time with Soviet hot rod tractors in a Finnish rockabilly bar.


Remind me to tell you the Culture Club story sometime though. That day still has a lot to answer for.



  1. Leith said,

    This is your voice?

    Phrasing equal to your written word.

    Oh and I’ll have the smoked reindeer too ok!

    • inkymouth said,

      That is indeed my voice, albeit husky with a touch too much Veuve Clicquot champagne the night before at Jess Tremp’s sensational solo exhibition!

      Ah Leith, I haven’t been able to listen to it yet…in my head I feel I sound like a whiskey soaked torch singer, so I’m a little abashed to realise I may in fact have more in common with a cartoon character 🙂

      Thanks for listening; I really appreciate it.

  2. Leith O'Malley said,

    No torch singer, no cartoon character Bell.. more like a confidendent narrative to me.. great stuff, seriously.. fab job Beelzebub!

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