November 18, 2012 at 7:35 pm (Uncategorized)

I know it looks like November has been a quiet month here, but I’ve been clattering away on my keyboard non-stop in an effort to rearrange the alphabet into sequences that make me smile.

And hopefully you, too.

I’ve just about finished building a website for my writing, having registered a domain name and spent far too long oohing and aahing over fonts. Word nerd, remember? Sifting through my hundred or so short stories has been sometimes startling, a touch indulgent, yet SO enjoyable. This blog will continue, but it’ll be lovely to have my own site to send editors and publishers to also, not to mention readers.

Photography by Adrian Carmody

In the meantime, the podcast of the ABC’s The Night Air programme, featuring two of my stories, is up on the Radio National website. I have another story, Not Riding Rabbits, that’s going to be part of a literary/visual collaborative exhibition in Melbourne’s City Library next year, as well as stories coming soon through Paroxysm Press and Black Heart Magazine.

See, I haven’t quite been sipping coffee and googling 80’s videos. Well, actually, I have (I highly recommend Love Removal  Machine by The Cult), but I’ve been doing all this too.

You’ll see.


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