August 21, 2013 at 8:09 pm (Uncategorized)

So here’s the thing.

I know how my novel starts: with a cockroach in an upturned glass. And I know where it heads…with my protagonist, Clementine, sitting on the steps of the Klementinum, the National Library in Prague that her name derives from.

What I don’t quite know yet, is everything that happens in the middle.

So I’m off to Europe tomorrow.

In my suitcase I have a collection of little red notebooks, a fair few pairs of high heels to swing dance in, maps outlined in Russian, German, French and Czech, and one kickarse cocktail frock that should get me into all manner of trouble.

Stay tuned for stories, people.

the divine Rita Hayworth



  1. Dave Cochran said,

    Any chance your travels might be taking you through Scotland?

    • inkymouth said,

      Sorry Dave, but already safe and sound in Melbourne. The next trip will be Moscow and Iceland, I think, so it might be some time before I see beautiful Scotland again!

      • Dave Cochran said,

        Alas! Ah well – the next time you make it through to Edinburgh, there’s a glass of single malt here waiting for you 😀

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