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They’re calling this The Angry Summer.

They called the last one that, too. This is not an easy land to live in. I come from a country where ash from bushfires drifts into cities, birds drop dead from the skies with the heat, and the fat moon turns orange from the flames.

I grew up in the mountains outside Melbourne, with a fireman father. My overriding memories of those hills are the spiders as big as the palm of my hand, and the sound of the fire alarm jolting us out of sleep and Sunday dinners. I would pray for my dad to come home with my face pressed into the flannelette Fraggle sheets, hoping the spiders wouldn’t shimmy from behind my bunk bed and come my way. Even though I’m in the city now, I still jump when I hear that siren blare.

Australia is a land of unforgiving ferocity and staggering beauty. This summer just finished broke all manner of records for its severity: you’d think I’d be used to it by now, but lord, I’m a winter wench, and this land HURTS.

So I’m out of here.

Six years ago I found myself with my feet dangling over Reykjavik harbour. My fingers were so frozen I couldn’t work my pen, let alone my camera, but I tried. I drank Black Death schnapps in my coffee as I watched the sun rise over the snow. I sat, and watched the rosy colours sweep over the ice.

I was silent and solitary.

I don’t think I’ve ever felt so serene in my life.



So I am beyond excited to say that I have been invited to be Artist in Residence at Listhús Art Space in Iceland for the month of October. I will live in a remote fishing village, Ólafsfjördur, in the north of the country, with a house and a studio to write in. I submitted a proposal outlining my intent to weave stories that explore how isolation can reflect on intimacy and identity, both cultural and individual, and how lands of extremes such as Iceland and Australia play a role in developing such an identity.

They said yes.

I said a few choice words of euphoria that I probably shouldn’t repeat here, and then bought winter boots that look suspiciously like I chopped the lower legs off a small yeti.



I’m ready.

Iceland is all I can think about…that, and the stories I will bring you back.



  1. Rebecca said,

    So exciting – congratulations! Can’t wait to hear your wonderful tales from the land of ice xx

    • inkymouth said,

      Thank you – can’t wait to bring you back those tales! x x

  2. gretchen said,

    Naturally. Here’s to the world’s perfect moments. Congratulations darling! I love you so much and could not be more excited about your upcoming creations.

  3. Jess said,

    This made me so happy to read 🙂

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