Winter ink

June 23, 2014 at 10:23 pm (Uncategorized) (, , )

There’s a storm coming.

Scroll down and you can read a post about an Australian summer so ferocious my bones almost melted.

I know, I know, but I’m a writer: it’s my job to exaggerate. I did say ‘almost’, you know.

Now the winter solstice has already slid by, and here I am at my keyboard blowing on a cup of liquorice tea and pulling out items I thought I wouldn’t need until Iceland in October: a pair of ridiculous fluffy boots, and a fire engine red coat with a beautiful hood. I’m not certain whether it’ll stand up to an Arctic winter, but the colour will sure look striking amongst all that snow.

I’m not season savvy, you see.

There’s a wild wind blowing outside my flat, and I jump each time I hear a branch creak, but just between us, I love it. Winter gives me an inbuilt excuse to curl up here, let my fingers flutter onto the keys of my computer, and see what they have to tell me.

They’ve told me SO many stories this year.

I’m delighted and amazed in equal measure to count that out of eight submissions this year, seven have been accepted and are coming out in literary journals, plus two readings at festivals. I’ve gently put aside my short stories for my novel for the time being, but this is a lovely way to put down my notebook, and a surefire way to make me smile on my birthday tomorrow.

I have stories coming out in Wigleaf, Foundling Review, Corium, Vending Machine Press and 21D, and I’ll be performing at the Newport Folk Festival as part of Stereo Stories.

Sundog Lit

In the meantime, this odd little tale of mine just came out in Sundog Lit, one of my favourite literary magazines.

Go take a peek…tell them I sent you.


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