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Margir eru marlíðendr.

Many kinds of people sail across the sea.

I have absolutely no complaints about seeing out the new year with honey martinis, blues music, and beautiful friends, from high on Northcote hill as fireworks explode over Melbourne.

I have very few complaints at all, after this golden little year.

2014 saw ten published stories, several inky pay cheques, one story in an exhibition, two songs written from my stories, 30,000 words on my novel, two radio shows, performances of my work at two festivals, and one amazing writing residency in northern Iceland, up near the Arctic Circle.

I’m just going to reread that lovely little sentence again, if you don’t mind.


Weeks in Iceland: four. Hours taken on buses from Reykjavik to reach my tiny fishing village: about nine. Two dolphin bones in my studio, countless Elmore James songs and two dozen cartons of Skyr yoghourt as I wrote. Ninety centimetres of snow to clamber through, and times I ventured outside without my leopard print ear muffs: only one. Once was enough, believe me.

Times I saw the northern lights flutter over my rooftop: twice. Minutes it took me to notice I was standing barefoot in snow, so entranced I was: about five. One blue-eyed horse to croon Icelandic endearments to, one bottle of whiskey sent by well-meaning friends yet stopped at Customs, and one indulgent afternoon spent bobbing around in a hot tub, surrounded by snow.


Five days in Paris, with one beautiful, beloved friend. Years we’ve been penpals: about thirteen. Apartments we’ve rented together when I’ve come to Europe: six? Minutes it took me in Paris to eat my first goat’s cheese…less than fifteen. Haughty Parisian establishments we were refused service in, after disdainful looks at my tattoos and our punk little hearts: two. Hours it took for us to calm down, and regain our tempers…hmmm, still waiting.

One Amsterdam apartment, twenty narrow steps to its door, and one gorgeous little kitty nose poking out its welcome. One warm and wicked Dutch redhead, a thousand butterflies, countless canals, and one divine advocaat that still has me swooning when I think of it.


Three stories stories illustrated by the amazing Leith O’ Malley. Squeals when an unexpected visit to Melbourne led to him placing a print of ‘Early Dog Violet’ in my hands: many. Time spent with red wine chatting about music, muses and Melbourne…never enough. Hours until ‘Early Dog Violet’ was framed and hung on my wall: less than fifteen.

Three new pieces of taxidermy: Olaf, Duck Berry, and the one I refuse to call Goose Willis. One seminar at Melbourne Museum, and five youtube tutorials on performing your own taxidermy as research for my novel. Number of noses turned up at this: dozens.


No new tattoos, for once.

Three new red notebooks, and one ruby red pen, engraved with my name from a beloved fellow scribe, with the words ‘Dear Rijn, write on and on.’

You know…I think I just will.

i no longer...

May you step into the new year with a straight spine, open hands, and inky fingers.



  1. Lou said,

    Divine, how I miss you.

  2. Duncan said,

    Rijn, I reread that lovely little sentence again, too. Brilliant; I’m so happy for you. Can hardly wait for the novel! But I’m nothing, if not patient.

    May 2015 be the best ever.

    • inkymouth said,

      For you too, Duncan! I’m starting as I mean to go on, this January 1st: with Big Mama Thornton on the stereo, black coffee in my cup, and my novel open on the screen in front of me. Watch out, I’m diving in 🙂

  3. Leith O'Malley said,

    Was an absolute delight finally catching up in 2014, and a pleasure to collaborate on your written words.
    Sing out if you need anything in the year ahead my friend, and may the ink continue to spill so interestingly from your pen 🙂

    • inkymouth said,

      Thanks, Leith – the pleasure was all mine! And I would jump at the chance to work with you again …consider it an open invitation 🙂

  4. Rebecca Murray said,

    I couldn’t help but smile when I read this. Much to be proud of Gerald. I’m sure all the momentum will continue and culminate in all sorts of adventures and achievements for this year too. Love Bood xx

    • inkymouth said,

      Thanks Bood – it has been a good year, yes. I’m sitting here looking at flights to Finland and listening to Elmore James sing the blues…something tells me 2015 is going to be stellar also. Love you x x

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