June 29, 2017 at 9:26 pm (Uncategorized)

‘The title jumped into my line of vision, and I swallowed without thinking.

‘To be Fed to Red Birds’…those six plump, delicious words.’

Today I wrote in Sunshine Library. Beside me was The Wolf, pen moving in his notebook. In front of me was the Melbourne city skyline on the horizon, and in front of me was a coffee.

It was a stellar day.

I’ve also been working on my novel in Melbourne’s majestic State Library. In between pen strokes I often stop, look up, and lose myself in the stunning dome of the Reading Room.

State Library

State Library, Melbourne

When winter sky turns black and my front door loses its appeal, I curl up on my studio floor here at home and turn pages in my Iceland notebook, beckoning my novel out.


My studio floor

I put my pen down long enough to celebrate my birthday, an occasion I always adore. There were dirty martinis with bookmarks, calls from Rotterdam and New York, and a snake skeleton so beautiful I may have actually gasped.


At the Moat, under the Wheeler Centre for Books, Writing and Ideas

unnamed (1)

Birthday bones

unnamed (2)

Enjoying my birthday (NB: photo may not be current)

In between novel drafts, I’ve also been submitting short stories. I’m delighted to say that three of them have been accepted: I have work upcoming in both River Teeth and Stereo Stories, and one already published by the lovely Mookychick over in the U.K. This little tale, written around a Solstice theme and centering around a certain lupine love, is actually my 100th accepted story.

It’s been seven years coming, but it feels damn fine.


‘Gold’ by Rijn Collins (link here)



  1. gretchen said,

    The photo of you enjoying your birthday is everything… thank you for your postal address today my loveliest. Manhattan kisses arriving shortly… and fucking yes to 100 stories strong. x o x

    • inkymouth said,

      Thank you, my fellow witch! So looking forward to any mail coming from your fingers…and to celebrating our stories in person again one day x x

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